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VICTOR PASMORE (1908 -1998)

A major figure in 20th century art, Victor Pasmore began his career as a representational painter, moving to abstraction in 1947 when he experimented with purely abstract form. He exhibited his first abstract paintings in 1947-48 at the London Group and at his first solo exhibition at the Redfern Gallery.

In 1970 Pasmore worked at the 2RC, Eleonora and Valter Rossi’s workshop in Rome, where he came to consider Aquatint as the medium most appropriate to his aims as a printmaker.

In 1974 an exhibition of his graphics was held at Galleria 2RC, Rome.

In his aquatint Un bel Di Vedremo, shown on our website, the artist is said to have used ‘the flow of colour in a lyrical manner which suggests a new way of painting as much as a new technique in printmaking’. The above quote Margaret Failoni and Giovanna Zamboni, writing in the book, Victor Pasmore, Thames & Hudson, London 1980.