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DAVID JONES (1895 -1974)

David Jones was born on 1 November 1895 in Brockley, Kent. His father James Jones was from a Welsh family and worked for the Christian Herald Press. His mother, Alice was born in London. David showed artistic promise at a young age. He spent his time drawing and entered some of them for exhibitions of children's artwork. From the age of six he knew that we wanted to spend his life in the visual arts. Jones entered the Camberwell School of Art and was under the tutelage of A.S.Hartrick who introduced him to the work of the Impressionists and Pre-Raphaelites.

Soon after WW1 broke out, Jones joined the Royal Welsh Fuseliers, serving on the Western Front from 1915-1918. In the trenches, his experiences were to prove crucial to his art and poetry.