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ERIC GILL (1882 -1940)

Arthur Eric Rowton Gill was born on 22 February 1882 in Brighton, Sussex. He became a sculptor, stonecutter, letter cutter and printmaker. In 1904 he married Ethel Hester Moore and in 1907 the family moved to a house in the village of Ditchling in Sussex. By 1913 this village became the centre of an artists' community inspired by Gill; the Guild of St. Joseph and St. Dominic., where his pupils included the young David Jones.

Eric Gill died in 1940 but it was only in 1989 when the biographer, Fiona MacCarthy, published notes from his diaries, revealing adulteries and acts of incest that this part of his life came into public knowledge. The author adds; 'Gill emerged as one of the twentieth century's strangest and most original controversialists, a sometimes infuriating, always arresting spokesman for man's continuing need of God in an increasingly materialistic civilization, and for intellectual vigour in an age of encroaching triviality'.


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