Rachel Whiteread



A London-based artist known primarily for her sculptural work, often in casts, Whiteread traditionally works with negative space; she takes intimate everyday objects — chairs, beds, books — and gives them artistic merit through giving form to the space around them.  


  • In 1993 Whiteread became the first woman ever to win the prestigious Turner prize for her sculpture House.

  • Whiteread was chosen to create a monument to the the 65,000 Austrian Jews who were executed during the Holocaust. Nameless Library, a hermetically sealed concrete library with no windows or doors, was erected in Judenplatz Square in Vienna in the year 2000.

Previous exhibitions

  • ‘The Unilever Series: Rachel Whiteread: EMBANKMENT’, 2005 — 2006 at the Tate Modern

  • ‘PROTOTYPOLOGY: An Index of Process and Mutation’, 14 January – 2 April, 2016 at the Gagosian Rome 

  • ‘Rachel Whiteread’, 12 September 2017 – 24 January 2018 at the Tate Britain