Lori Cuisinier



Lori Cuisinier is an emerging artist exploring the self-referential nature of women and the ‘self’. Her recent works examine the social consumption of men's entertainment magazines and the psycho-sexual relationships bound with that imagery. As both the model and photographer, Cuisinier’s self-portraits question, interpret, and reinterpret, ‘femaleness’ and what it is to be female.

In December 2018, Cuisinier showcased her most recent works in an innovative installation at Art Basel, Miami.

Cuisinier’s photographic images are featured in Academy Award-nominated director Mira Nair's 2006 film, The Namesake, in Adam Brooks’ 2008 film, Definitely, Maybe, staring Rachel Weisz, and Mark Mann's 2013 film, generation Um..., starring Keanu Reeves.

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