The Relaunch of Gillian Jason Gallery

Gillian Jason, Camden Town, 1980s

Gillian Jason, Camden Town, 1980s

Gillian Jason first opened her Gallery in Camden Town, in 1982. We had moved as a family to a pair of Georgian terraced houses in inner city Camden Town from the leafy suburbs of North West London. 

Our street was on the fringe of a hive of respectable artistic residents, sandwiched between the more affluent properties of company directors in the art and publishing world and a halfway house. It was a bold move on Gillian’s part, hoping as she did, to harness all the fashionable excitement of being amongst theatre directors, writers, artists and actors. 

Camden Town, Hampstead, and Primrose Hill had a rich history dating back to the artistic legacy of the last hundred years. Artists such as William Roberts, David Bomberg, Jacob Epstein, Walter Sickert, Frank Auerbach, Spencer Gore - to name but a few - had lived in and around the area at some point. Gillian took her inspiration from these artists, and, with a shoestring budget, she started with small exhibitions from the ground floor of her home. It was a brave but insightful move; Gillian pre-empted the growth of the Modern British market that was to become a hugely successful part of the British Art market.

 In 2017, after running a gallery for 40 years Gillian decided to relinquish the helm of Gillian Jason Modern & Contemporary Art and pass the mantle to her daughter, Elli, and granddaughter, Millie. As with all great ideas there must also be change to remain at the forefront of business. As three generations of women, it was decided that the Gillian Jason Gallery would be used to champion art by women from the turn of the last century to the present day.

There are Legacy pages on the website that showcase all the remaining artwork collected over the years by Gillian. These pages contain pieces by many great Modern British & Contemporary male artists and are for sale. The Artists page will showcase the artwork by female talent going forward. 

Written by Elli Foster, Company Director