Elisabeth Frink RA

Bound Figure

1930 - 1993

A British sculptor and printmaker. Frink was heavily influenced by her experiences as a child during World War Two; aged only nine when fighting broke out, and living close to a military airfield near her childhood home in Suffolk, much of Frink’s work is concerned with birds of prey and flying — or indeed falling — men. Frink also took inspiration from the work of artists such as Giacometti, Picasso, and Rodin.


  • CH, CBE

  • One of five 'Women of Achievement' selected for a set of British stamps issued in August 1996.

  • Honoured by the British Art Medal Society in 1992, when she was chosen as the medal’s subject.

  • Frink’s sculptures were featured in The Damned, a sci-fi film directed by Joseph Losey in 1963. 

Previous exhibitions

  • ‘Elisabeth Frink: Fragility and Power’, Friday 22 June - Saturday 29 September 2018 at Abbot Hall Art Gallery

  • ‘Elizabeth Frink: Humans and Other Animals’, 13 October - 24 February 2019 at The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts