About the Gallery

Gillian Jason Gallery is owned and run by three generations of women. The gallery champions art by female talent ranging from the 20th Century to present day. The Modern & Contemporary art gallery represents original and editioned artworks across different media by established and emerging artists. GJG provides a platform for female influencers of the modern era, and contemporary artists who are exploring social, political, and economic boundaries of the present.

There is a Legacy page on the website that showcases all the remaining artwork collected over the years by Gillian. This page contains pieces by many great Modern British & Contemporary male artists and are for sale. The Artists page showcases artwork by the female artists that we now represent. 

Gillian Jason, Camden Town, 1980s

Gillian Jason, Camden Town, 1980s

Our Story

Gillian Jason first opened her gallery in Camden Town, in 1982. With a rich artistic legacy, Camden and its surrounding area had been home to David Bomberg, Jacob Epstein, and Walter Sickert - to name a few. Gillian made a bold and insightful move champion these artists; pre-empting the growth and shape of the Modern British market as it stands today.

In 2017, after running an established gallery for the past 40 years, Gillian passed the mantle to her daughter, Elli, and granddaughter, Millie. With three generations of women it was decided that the Gillian Jason Gallery would be used to champion art by women from the turn of the last century to the present day.